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As the leading provider of risk and decision analysis software for three decades, Palisade enables companies and organizations to evaluate risk at any level and decide what step comes next.

With offices around the world, Palisade offers a truly global presence. And, with over 150,000 decision makers using our products at top research universities and Fortune 500 companies, Palisade has a diverse client base that spans a broad range of industries and organizations.

The DecisionTools Suite is an integrated set of programs for risk analysis and decision making under uncertainty that runs in Microsoft Excel.

The DecisionTools Suite includes @RISK, which adds risk analysis to Excel using Monte Carlo simulation, BigPicture for mindmapping and data exploration, PrecisonTree for visual decision tree analysis, TopRank for what-if analysis, NeuralTools and StatTools for data analysis, and more. Rounding out the Suite is BigPicture for mind mapping, diagramming, and data exploration.



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Profile of Rekindle Learning

Rapelang Forbes Cover

Traditional training often has a limited impact on employee performance – especially in the areas of customer service quality, sales and business performance, and complex business processes and rules. The problem is that existing learning activities and tools are not designed to support employees when it matters most – on the job where they apply their knowledge – well beyond the formal training environment.

Rekindle Learning provides learning and performance support tools which increase employees’ capacity to learn and reduce time to competency, ensuring higher workforce productivity and enabling young people to be more employable.

Rekindle Learning was founded by technology entrepreneur Rapelang Rabana, who was listed on Forbes Africa ‘30 under 30 Best Young African Entrepreneurs’, is a Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum and was selected an Entrepreneur for the World by the World Entrepreneurship Forum.

Rapelang’s entrepreneurial journey was launched when she co-founded Yeigo, an innovative Cape Town based startup that developed some of the world’s earliest mobile VoIP applications. She co-founded the company right after graduating from the University of Cape Town with a Bachelor of Business Science (Computer Science) degree. Yeigo created ground-breaking applications and services that took advantage of the internet, mobile and cloud computing technologies to tackle the cost of communication. In 2008, the Swiss-headquartered Telfree Group of Companies,a pioneering next-generation telecoms operator, acquired a majority stake in Yeigo.

Within the product range of Rekindle Learning are KnowledgeBooster and Visual Advisor, acclaimed learning tools for today’s digital age.

Knowledge-Booster Virtual Advisor


Profile of Smart Concepts Management

Smart Concepts Management is an advisory and capacity building agency. Led by Kagisho Lekhela, an established and experienced leader with an established track record, he is renowned for leading high performing teams towards achieving strategic goals. He has led organizations to their realisation of desired business performance.

With core services offering is in education, training, and development practices, Smart Concepts Management is aimed at contributing towards helping the client organizations achieve its overall strategic objectives.

As a result of the ever challenging social environment, Smart provides guidance and support to clients in understanding the solutions that can help them reach their desired state.

We offer customised learning programmes focused at:

  • Local government sector
  • Banking & microfinance sector
  • Sport and recreation sector
  • Education & training sector